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When I hit my latest rock-bottom

I knew I wasn’t on my own

There’s millions far worse off than me

What right had I to feel alone?

Forty-eight years old, and yet still basically a child,

Negative emotions taking hold and running wild.

Self-esteem gone, self-belief gone, nothing but despair,

Victim of the voice inside my head that said “Compare”.

Red line for me was medication,

Seemed like unwanted complication,

Worsening my situation,

It was beyond my contemplation.


But the state of my paralysis

Demanded some analysis,

So I started looking in the past, to get a better view,

And I came to see it pretty fast, this curse was nothing new.

But dwelling on the past’s OK, as long as it doesn’t define you.

And living for the future’s OK, as long as it doesn’t confine you.

But try to live some of each day in the present, because that’s where life’s going to find you.

So…tell it to a doctor,

Or tell it to a mate,

Or even talk to a computer,

But don’t hold it all in until it starts to suffocate.

Just get it out, cry it out, shout it out, write it out,

But whatever you do, please don’t try to fight it out.

And don’t expect a revolution,

There is no elegant solution,

Revelation breeds fresh confusion,

What is life about? Your contribution…?

And…listen to your kids,

Listen to your wife,

Listen to your dog!

They’ll help you get the best from life.

Like, paint a pretty picture,

Cook and share a tasty meal,

Chase a ball around a park,

That kind of stuff will make you…feel.

Because loneliness is a fickle companion,

It screams at you in a crowded room saying it wants to be your friend.

It changes its mind like the weather,

It can liberate your mental state, or make you contemplate…

The End.