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"Random Acts of Kindness"

Elliot Dunn – Senior Stakeholder Manager, Xoserve

“My wellbeing can be fragile at times. I’m a certified extrovert. I get my energy, inspiration and ideas from a wonderful group of diverse, interesting, caring friends and family. Many of us have been close friends for many years. Although some of us live some distance apart, we’d regularly travel to spend time together, take long weekend breaks as a group or spontaneously arrange a day out.

Lockdown has been a real challenge. I’ve struggled with my motivation and sense of happiness on several occasions. Like many, we keep in touch using technology. But after full days of being glued to video conferences with work, sometimes an evening of the same can feel like too much.

I have found that random acts of kindness really help. In a somewhat old-fashioned move, we send things to each other. Cards, small gifts, handwritten letters, books, sweets, vinyl records, treats for our pets…we try to use small local suppliers, avoiding the tech-based conveniences we’re all using so much. Knowing that someone has gone to the extra effort to search something out really adds to the sense of happiness.

Lastly, I’ve started to expand my friendship group to involve people much closer to home – my neighbours. In the past, the most I’d interact with them was an occasional wave. Now, we’re spending much more time talking and getting to know each other (safely, of course). We’re finding ways to be neighbourly that we’d previously never done. It really makes the world of difference.”

Elliot Dunn

Elliot Dunn