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"Make Time for Yourself"

Bernard Looney, CEO – bp

“Mental health is so important and maintaining it is a challenge we all face. In February, bp announced that our new purpose is to reimagine energy for people and our planet. That “for people” part is really important. It means that where we can help people, we should do so – especially at a time like this. While not everyone is infected by the virus, everyone is affected by it.  

I hope we can bring mental health more to the fore. We should all feel comfortable talking about it and supporting one another – asking for help if we need it. We need to make space and time to do this.  

For me, I have a few things that I do to look after my own mental health. I try to find time for a run each day, it’s so refreshing and helps me reset. I also use the Headspace meditation app to slow down and find a moment of stillness. Keeping in touch with family and friends also helps, it’s good to talk. 

I’ll admit, a couple of weeks ago, I recognised I was feeling a bit more stressed than usual. I decided to take carve some time out of my diary for myself. I ended up catching up on some box sets and books – and felt so much better for it.”

Mental health is normal. Everyone has something they are dealing with and we all have our coping mechanisms. Sometimes, just taking a step back and taking time for yourself can be the most effective.”  

Bernard Looney

Bernard Looney