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"Express gratitude for kindness"

Rosa Stewart – Head of External Relations, SSE

“A couple of weeks ago I went out for the first time to clap for the NHS, in a beautiful spot in the Cotswolds where I’m sheltering from the pandemic. Afterwards it dawned on me – I didn’t want this lockdown to end. 

The last two months I’ve had less social contact than ever before in my life. But I’ve also had more personal connections with people than I’ve had for a long time.

If it weren’t for this pandemic, I would have never spoken to my colleague’s cute ginger twins about Santa Claus over a Google Hangout. Or a former boss, a world leader in his field, would not have offered to have chats every couple of weeks – because he could probably tell I needed someone to talk to. I’m having more conversations with my neighbours, the staff at the grocery store, strangers on the footpaths…

I feel grateful for all the kindness that has been shown to me during these strange times. Studies show that expressing gratitude increases happiness and wellbeing, even if you just write your feelings down (like I’ve done here) – but even better, if you share them with others!”

Rosa Stewart

Rosa Stewart